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Parks Canada Visitor Services (Fortress of Louisbourg) (902-733-3546)

Burkes Enviro Depot (902-733-2130)

Canadian Coast Guard Government Wharf (902-733-2128)

Post Office (902-733-2270)

Medical Clinic (902-733-3111)

W.W. Lewis Library (902-733-3608)
Fire Station (902-733-2393)
Police and Ambulance (902-733-2444)
Tourism Information (902-733-2720)
The Royal Bank (902-733-2012)
Sampson & MacDougall Law Firm (902-539-2425)

Triple D Pet Sitting Service902) 733-3332


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Louisbourg Town
The community of Louisbourg with a population of 1265 is located on the southeast coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It is easily accessible by road and air. Louisbourg's major attraction is the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. It has a facinating history and the site of 2 of Canada's major Battles,Friendly folk and Beautiful scenery raging surf and sandy beaches also await you in Louisbourg.
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